European Projects

Over the years, we have participated alongside our European partners in various projects in training, research and innovation.

In the design and management of projects, we integrate methodologies and approaches of the European Commission (Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Approach) with international Project Management standards, following the best practices of the US Project Management Institute.

Change is needed and projects are how we implement change.

Here are some of our projects.
  • Pivet

    To develop a methodology, canvas and a co-creation platform for training programs that integrate inclusive, digital and green practices, more responsive to the needs of society and the labour market.
  • Sparks

    To develop innovative practices and tools based on gamification to increase the motivation and involvement of students in vocational education and training institutions..
  • Digitart

    Training itineraries to increase the digital, social and civic skills of young people through creative tools and techniques based on audiovisual languages ​​and contemporary visual arts.
  • Inkey

    Training programs and digital tools to support young NEETs in the acquisition of the key competencies identified in the European LifeComp Framework.

  • Mentor

    Training programs for the development of teachers' mentoring skills.

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