Open Integration

The real challenge is to integrate while maintaining its uniqueness. More than in open innovation (#openinnovation), we believe in open integration or projects in which organisations can integrate skills, objectives, data and value.

We integrate the three key actors of the project within your organisation: the enabler (the responsible project manager), the components (startup, development team, technologies, data) and the stakeholders (technical partners, organisations, institutions..)

...we will be an extension of your team and whatever happens, we will always remain the biggest fans of your project.

To whom it is dedicated

To all companies, organisations and institutions that want to carry out new projects, acquire new tools, develop new solutions and business models, acquire new skills and knowledge, and adopt new technologies.

Innovation is not an event but an integrated process in the general framework of the company's strategies.

With our open integration program, we create with our partners a physical and virtual collaboration space where all the figures involved can work together.

We don’t use a consulting approach but support at an organisational, operational and strategic level by sharing resources (skills, knowledge, tools, software, relationships) based on actual and specific design needs.

How it works
Assessment of needs. We analyse your organisation, and together, we define the objectives, resources, and needs of customers. Then we structure a joint team and hire smart people with determination and resilience. Finally, we structure project resources, environment, tools, processes and challenges.
We define communication and management models together. We deploy tools and templates to be used in all project phases. We choose the project manager (internal project manager). We activate relationships with qualified partners and stakeholders to accelerate the management and growth of the project
Our customers' problems, needs, and challenges are the starting point of every project. For example, field studies, focus groups, surveys, data mining or market analysis discover new insights to build the first ideas and solutions.
We believe in agile design, lean and continuous development. Therefore, each of our projects is broken down into small parts so that each action, structure and process is first validated in the market and then developed in its subsequent steps.
Every action, idea and strategy is continuously monitored and verified. Information, such as market responses, customer feedback and additional requests become part of an incremental and iterative development cycle.

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