We aim to create training experiences with our partners to empower digital skills and innovation management in companies.

We run workshops with the StartupGrind community to inspire and connect entrepreneurs.



Large Corporate

We are the innovation team to be integrated into the organisation. We accelerate projects and innovation paths by creating an effective and efficient ecosystem around you.



We help small and medium businesses define or rewrite their digital presence by determining the best touchpoints to increase awareness and conversions.



We help new innovative companies grow and validate their project ideas, quickly develop their products, and verify their product-market fit.

Here you are!
We never stop learning. We do this by actively engaging in our projects, each with its style and learning method.

Integrating transversal knowledge and skills is our only weapon to overcome uncertainty and complexity.

Project management

To cultivate a project-oriented approach and learn to coordinate complex projects by developing managerial and transversal skills.

Learning Experience

Continuous learning experiences provide tools for improving team skills based on their actual needs and personal learning characteristics.

Innovation Skills

Personalised learning programs in which innovation, technology and business culture intersect and promote a new approach to change.

Digital Skills

Provide your organisation with the awareness and skills needed to create value and grow in the new digital economy.

European Design

Learn with us the techniques of European design to increase your skills in writing and managing European projects.


We Organise workshops. We work alongside the Startup Grind and Project Management Institute South Italy Chapter community to inspire and connect entrepreneurs, innovators and managers.

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