We love technology as a tool for building new relationships.

For over 10 years, we have supported our partners in their innovation and digital transformation path.

We use a Lean, Agile approach, and we adopt continuous development and integration (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment).

Automated development, testing and frequent release saving hundreds of hours of development, testing and implementation time.

We develop solutions based on Blockchain technology, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, AI-based Marketing Automation and Data Analysis systems.
Software Engineering


Large Corporate

We are the innovation team to be integrated into the organisation. We accelerate projects and innovation paths by creating an effective and efficient ecosystem around you.



We help small and medium businesses define or rewrite their digital presence by determining the best touchpoints to increase awareness and conversions.



We help new innovative companies grow and validate their project ideas, quickly develop their products, and verify their product-market fit.

Innovation is a matter of context and perspective.

What is a pen for me is a biting stick for my dog.

Development of bespoke platforms

We design customised solutions, ERP, CRM, management software, e-commerce and marketplace.

Development of blockchain-based solutions

We integrate the blockchain into business systems and processes, from the Supply chain to Document Management, Nft and Gaming.

APP Development

New smartphone solution that best suits your needs.

System Integration

API and Middleware to integrate data from different systems, add new knowledge and activate data-driven decisions

Analysis and Consultancy

To support our partners in choosing the technological solution most in line with their actual needs.

Lean Agile Development

We design new prototypes and proof of concepts with a cross-functional team fully integrated into your organisation.

Let's create something
unique together!

But first, let's get to know each other better over a coffee…