We believe in challenges and always follow new paths, focusing on simplicity and intuition.

Within our Innovation Studio, we support and cultivate innovative start-ups and projects every day.

To build new models, new relationships, future-proof solutions and experiences that respond concretely to specific business needs.

some of our projects
  • Get Impact AI

    The new artificial intelligence-based tool to support project managers offers a range of innovative features to improve the description and monitoring of project impact.

  • GotIt

    An Ai-based platform to enhance your skills in project and innovation management, soft skills life skills, entrepreneurship, green skills and digital skills in an engaging and effective way.

  • AutoInCloud

    A comprehensive and innovative management system. From the small car dealership to the large company with many fleets. A simple and intuitive SaaS software, designed around the needs, sales and management processes of dealerships and car dealerships.

  • Planets

    A fully customisable Saas ERP for any organisation. CRM, PMS, Order Management, E-commerce, Repository, Business Intelligence (BI), Project Management.

  • Block Daimon

    A suite of solutions designed for supplychain management, document and asset notarisation, art and gaming applications.

  • RacGenius

    A complete and advanced IOT solution for energy optimisation & performance analysis of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.

  • Koala

    Platform for the creation and management of efficient and sustainable energy communities, promoting the electrification of consumption and the use of efficient technologies and digital platforms.

  • Rawstone

    Italian-Chinese game design studio to design games and market boardgames in China and the Asian market.

  • Filosofia dell’innovazione

    A free toolbox for innovators and managers. Lots of content, ideas and tools to develop innovative thinking for an interdisciplinary and systemic approach to innovation.

  • Pearls Island

    App to turn a travel itinerary into a unique and fun experience through gamification.

  • Mercury

    Mercury is our state-of-the-art CRM/CDP/Loyalty solution that uses artificial intelligence to revolutionise customer relationship management and optimise business operations.

  • Agri IOT

    Agri-IoT aims to simplify and innovate production processes to break down complex procedures and reduce costs and time.

  • Organolus AI

    Capitalise on the potential of your data by integrating it into an analysis system where Artificial Intelligence generates new knowledge. A super assistant that simplifies work, helps you make better and more informed decisions, automates complex tasks and continuously improves its predictive capabilities based on continuous learning.

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