Change is needed and projects are how we implement change.
If we want to develop a new competence or create a new solution, let us turn it into a concrete project.

  • #blockchain

    Crypto Mirabilia

    The project was created to promote the companies of the PIDs of the Chambers of Commerce in the Mirabilia network through a new format that integrates innovation, identity and tradition through CryptoART.

  • #platform

    ABIM farming

    Advanced cloud-based platform for agricultural field management and monitoring. Integration of information from sensors and other sources to manage crop process variability and inputs.

  • #gamification

    Dodecà Gaming APP

    Game based application to create gaming experiences for customers and improve their performance in Loyalty, Engagement and Advocacy with their community.

  • #configurator

    Self-Service Dryce

    Automatic configurator for designing temperature-controlled transport solutions.

  • #startup

    Impresa di Gusto

    Self-entrepreneurship of local talents. From technical and transversal skills, a learning by doing experience supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta to develop in young people an innovative approach to the management of a food and wine business and promote the excellence of the territory.

  • #bookings

    Publisoftware Parkingsuvio

    App for parking management, registration, accounting and payment.

  • #gateway

    Publisoftware Publiagenda

    Integration of the corporate portal with access gateway to the public administration's electronic payment system PagoPA.

  • #crm #cdp

    Customer Advanced Platform

    CRM, CDP, sales and statistics platform for all Group companies for the integrated management of customers, data, products and customer-oriented processes.

  • #certificat9ion

    Studio Europa

    Web app for designers and certifiers to manage the flow of information and dynamically process the certification process.

  • #customercare

    Ticketing and Customer Care

    A tailor-made, state-of-the-art customer care solution seamlessly integrated across all channels.

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