Over the years, we have participated alongside our European partners in various projects in training, research and innovation.

We firmly believe in knowledge-based innovation and its power to shape the skills of the future. Each project represents an opportunity for us to explore new ideas, challenge the status quo, and contribute to the development of education and technologies in Europe.

Together with our partners, we have designed new models and new approaches to education, developed interactive educational tools and platforms, applications to promote new learning models, artificial intelligence solutions for education and much more.

Pact for Skills

We are a member of the European Pact for Skills, which aims to bring together public and private organisations and encourage them to make concrete commitments to upgrade and retrain adults.

Harnessing Talent

Lascò is a member of the #HarnessingTalent platform set up by the European Commission. The primary objective of the working group is to investigate problems, explore potential solutions and devise solutions to overcome the challenges associated with the digital skills mismatch and the ‘talent trap’ in European regions. Bringing together strategic digital players and improving dialogue, exchange of experiences and knowledge networking.

some of our projects
  • InAir

    Funded by the EU's #Horizon Europe research and innovation programme and coordinated by Lascò, it aims to bridge the AI skills gap between micro, small and medium-sized European retailers by providing innovative educational and training resources.

  • Alive

    A research project to promote media literacy and information literacy (MIL) among citizens, particularly those over 45, through innovative training experiences in the Metaverse.

  • GreenHive

    A cooperation project with the objective of expanding the capacity of Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers to develop green skills and prepare teachers and students for the green transition.

  • Pi-Vet

    Develop an innovative methodology and co-creation platform for training programmes integrating inclusive, digital and green practices, more responsive to societal and labour market needs.

  • Mentor 2.0

    New training programmes for teachers to develop their mentoring skills

  • InKey

    An innovative framework and toolbox to enhance life skills with dedicated micro training modules, practical and interactive activities.

  • Med Pearls

    The no-code gamification based solution dedicated to tour operators and travel agencies to promote a fun and sustainable travel style.

  • Digitart

    Training courses and innovative tools to enhance the digital, social and civic competences of young people through audiovisual languages and contemporary visual arts.

  • Innovet

    Cooperation partnership that aims to develop an ecosystem to support European vocational education and training providers to create and manage training paths developed through new technologies and the creative and collaborative experience of play.

  • Sparks

    An innovative methodology and tools based on game thinking to enhance the learning experience.

  • GameComp

    Game-based tools for the assessment and development of sustainability skills defined in the European GreenComp.

  • AI4YouthWork

    An innovative AI competence framework for youth workers and training tools to support youth workers in integrating AI into their work with young people.