We love technology as a tool for building new relationships.

For more than 10 years, we have been accompanying and supporting our partners in their journey of innovation and digital transformation.

We use a Lean, Agile approach and adopt continuous development and integration (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment).

Development, automated testing and frequent release, saving hundreds of hours of development, testing and deployment time.

We develop solutions based on Blockchain technology, Augmented and Virtual Reality, AI-based Marketing Automation and Data Analysis systems.

Innovation is a matter of context and perspective.

What is for me a pen, for my dog is a stick to bite.

what we do
  • Customised platform development

    We design customised solutions, ERP, CRM, management software, ecommerce, marketplaces.

  • Blockchain-based solutions development

    We integrate blockchain into business systems and processes, from supply chain to document management, Nft and Gamin

  • APP Development

    New smartphone solution best suited to your needs.

  • System Integration

    API and Middleware to integrate data from different systems, add new knowledge and trigger data-driven decisions

  • Analysis and Consulting

    To support our partners in choosing the technology solution best suited to their real needs.

  • Lean Agile Development

    We design new prototypes and proofs of concept with you, with a cross-functional team fully integrated into your organisation.

Let's make something unique together
something unique!

First, though, let's get to know each other better over coffee....