We love technology as a tool for building new relationships.

We develop solutions based on Blockchain technology, Augmented and Virtual Reality, AI-based Marketing Automation and Data Analysis systems.

For more than 10 years, we have been accompanying and supporting our partners in their journey of innovation and digital transformation.

Automated development, testing and frequent release, saving hundreds of hours of development, testing and deployment time.

our technologies
  • CRM - CDP

    Turn every contact into a valuable relationship. Build a customer-based approach based on data.

  • ERP

    Manage every information and process in your organisation in one innovative and easy-to-use solution.

  • Blockchain

    Security and transparency without compromise.

  • Project Management Tool

    Bring your ideas to life, manage your projects with efficiency and ease. Success is just a click away.

  • Impact tool

    Measure impact, maximise value. Our Impact Tool transforms data into strategic decisions.

  • APP Gamification

    Engage, motivate and turn learning, travelling and customer relations into a winning adventure.

  • LMS

    It tailors the training of the future to each learner.

  • Ecommerce & Marketplace

    Explore, buy, sell transforms the shopping experience.

  • Skill Toolbox

    Enhance your skills, unlock new possibilities, acquire new future-proof skills.

  • Carbon Footprint

    Calculate, reduce, offset. Our Carbon Footprint solution guides your company towards a greener, more sustainable future.

  • Innovative Thinking

    Think and act differently, drive change. We turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

  • IOT Solutions

    Integrates disparate systems and data, unifying efforts to manage objects (sensors and machinery), facilitating the move towards Industry 5.0

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Where intelligence meets innovation. Our AI is the engine that powers faster and smarter decisions.

  • Ticketing and Customer Care

    Every customer counts, every interaction is an opportunity. Our Ticketing and Customer Care system guarantees service excellence.

  • ERP Automotive

    Integration, efficiency, innovation. Our Automotive ERP is the beating heart in every car dealer.

  • Builder Newsletter

    Communicate, engage, convert. With our Newsletter Builder, every message becomes an opportunity.

  • NFT Solution

    Reveal the unique value of each creation. Our NFT Solution opens up new horizons of digital ownership and commerce.

  • Gaming Tool

    Create, play, share. Our Gaming Tool turns every idea into an interactive and engaging adventure.

  • Headless CMS

    Creative freedom, limitless experiences. Our Headless CMS is the architecture of the future for dynamic content.

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence for Data in insight, insight in action. Make data productive, multiply value.

  • Booking system

    Book, manage, optimise. Our booking system simplifies management and improves your customers' experience.

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