Tools, Business Design tools, techniques and frameworks to bring high social impact innovation paths and sprints into organisations.

Our Social Business unit aims to support organisations that can contribute to solving social problems through sustainable and ethical business models.

We work with universities, companies, non-profit organisations and government institutions. to integrate different competences and gain a broader and deeper perspective on social issues in business contexts.

what we do
  • Analysis & Research

    SBO conducts in-depth research on emerging trends in social business, evaluates the effectiveness of various corporate strategies in addressing social issues and develops metrics to measure social impact.

  • Education and Awareness-raising

    The observatory plays an educational role, providing resources, expertise, publications and seminars to raise corporate and public awareness of the benefits of social business and responsible business practices.

  • Reports and publications

    SBO produces regular reports offering insights and analysis on the evolution of social business, identifying best practices and emerging areas of focus.

  • Promoting sustainable practices

    A catalyst to promote sustainable and responsible business practices, encouraging companies to integrate social considerations into their operations and strategies.

  • Support network

    A platform for sharing ideas and building a network between social entrepreneurs, companies, academics and policy makers, facilitating collaboration and exchange of best practices.

  • Social innovation

    It stimulates social innovation through the promotion of new business models that not only aim at profit, but also at the welfare of the community and the environment.

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