We have a story to tell

From the first HUB in history to the modern challenges of innovation.

Many people ask us: why Lascò? Here's what inspired us. 17,500 years ago, in the Lascaux caves located in the Dordogne, in south-western France, Palaeolithic men designed the first "hub" in history: a complex of caverns connected by a network of corridors to house the first examples of prehistoric art

On the walls, the first evidence of rock paintings. Through those symbols, men told stories and myths, sharing common meanings and projects.
Today as yesterday, the need for community, exchange, and relationships remains unchanged.
Only technologies, tools, contexts and languages change.

In 2013 when we were born, we designed the first logotype, inspired by the reproductions of the colour proofs found in the caves. Blocks that come together like the bricks of knowledge.

Over time we have grown. We have gained new experiences and new knowledge, and we have fielded new ideas and many projects. All focus on people, their uniqueness and the need to share goals, experiences, skills and benefits.

Hence, the new brand symbolises values such as meeting, sharing, and integration, between identities that evolve into new forms and adapt to new contexts.


We are not superheros, but a team that invests in you with passion, competence and self-denial. We listen to and embrace your challenges, goals, and perplexities.

We are curious. We love the idea of ​​learning new things every day. We love challenges and problems. So we aim to transform them into new ideas and opportunities.

We have collected some phrases that most represent us, the values that inspire us, and the approach that distinguishes us. If you have the time and desire, take a look (there are many images :-)